Happy Routes

The singular colaboration of the Russian singer Lena Kaufman and the parisian film-maker DJ Oof. They make their music with field recordings of sea organ, kisses, film samples and vintage synthesizers.

Lunivers is made of two distinct talents : the Russian singer Lena Kaufman and video performer DJ Oof from Paris.Their name has been chosen to allude the Great All that is humanity : one large family of the same flesh whose life and happiness are interrelated. A state of mind that can be considered naive or even utopian in today's cynical world.

Lunivers ("the universe" in French) is limitless, as you well know. It is also a clash between many styles of music mainly pop and electronic. It entices us to experience the mix between the Slavic ambient love of « Bisous de Zadar » (recordings of sea organ with beats made from kissing sounds), the Parisian and uptempo "Happy Route" and dubstep influences ("All I See Is You"). For its part, "Moi Mua" is a flamenco-dub choir that denounces the individualism and madness of consumer's society. It was conceived based on samples from more than 10 movies whose images have been used to make the vidéoclip for the european research program "Art & Restructuration".

  1. Happy Route
  2. Bisous de Zadar
  3. Moi Mua
  4. All see is you

  • Arrangement,music,vocal - Lena Kaufman
  • Lyrics - DJ Oof
  • Mix,mastering- Charles-Zoltan