Every person has someone to thank. Gratefulness spreads like a chain reaction: from a child to parents and through them – to Life, from a disciple to Master and through him – to Knowledge, from a listener to an author and through him – to God.

The CD you are now holding has become possible thanks to Michail Kravchenko. An optimist, entrepreneur, generous philanthropist, poet and our friend. The Man's life tragically ended on May 20, 2012, but his poetry lived on... This album composed to Michail's lyrics is dedicated to the remarkable person - for everything good he's done for us. Let his generosity to illuminate lives even those who didn't know the person! And by buying the CD you can pass the Thankfulness to your relatives and friends.

The tracks of “Gratefulness” were composed and recorded by Lena Kaufman, an author of romantic songs and a wonderful singer. She has become known to Russian public as a participant of the popular TV Show “Star Factory-5” several years ago. Nowadays Lena is a true Citizen of the World: her voice could be heard on Buddha Bar XIII, the English Low-Fi and Trip-Hop project “White Bully”, famous Russian indie-rock group «Bi-2» recordings, Parisian electro duet “Lunivers” on Radio Nova, and “Lena Ada” – acoustic French chanson from Montmartre street.

  1. Gratefulness
  2. World Peace
  3. Let’s go out of home
  4. Babies
  5. The Bathing day is over
  6. Blessed is who realized himself
  7. Eyes to Eyes
  8. Don’t fix the stream of love’s rays
  9. Sweet dream, my Baby. Lullaby

  • Recording Studio of Theatre Workshop of Peter Fomenko "Bully Records"
  • Arrangements, composer, vocals, lyrics, "World Peace" – Lena Kaufman.
  • Lyrics – Mikhail Kravchenko
  • Guitar – Oleg Boyko
  • Back vocals, "Sweet dream, my Baby”. Lullaby" – Shura BI-2
  • Cello – Olga Demina
  • Balalaika – Sergei Malenkin
  • Saxophone – Anatoly Gerasimov
  • Crystal bowls – Hermes Zaygot
  • Bass – Fyodor Vasilyev
  • Saw – Alexander Leonov
  • Harp – Anna Pashinskaya
  • Keys – Mikhail Yefimov
  • Reduction – Denis Bully, Sergei Bolshakov, Charles-Zoltan (Paris)
  • Mastering – Charles-Zoltan (Paris)
  • Photos – Andrey Popov
  • Design – Dmitry Lisitsyn