Long time ago Lena fought cyclones, had friendship with skinny fashion models who loved rock 'n' roll, and drove round dances with crocodiles. Then came a short time in the Mirror Land, where everybody fell in love with her, but Lena herself was not very interested there. Emerged from the glass walls, our heroine flight over a magical country which occupies one-sixth part of the planet, returned home and began to compose new, completely different songs.
Here the fairytale ends and the true story begins.
In 2007 after a short break in the musical activity, Lena invents a new project, that was named Truffele.
In the end, what a fairytale about escape from the toy Mirror Land without a bite of the magic mushroom to grow in the final?
The desire to feel complete freedom defined the essence of the project. Different people appear on the scene almost every show. The group members list indefinable and infinitly wide at the same time. Some Truffele songs could be listened right now.

Truffele – is a new and fresh band from Moscow in 2007, and there are three reasons to pay attention to it immediately, leaving along all other deeds:
Well composed songs in Russian language
Electro-acoustic sound
Amazing visuals

  1. Do Rasveta / For the sunrise
  2. Nie toy dorogoy / Not your road
  3. Vse poluchitsya / Everything gonna work out
  4. Papa / Daddy

  • Oleg Boiko
  • Ilia Rubinshtain
  • Ada
  • Maxim Saidashov
  • Pavel Lurie
  • UNIX
  • Anton Sevidov
  • Anneya Pashinskaya
  • Egor Chudo