Moscow, Russia

Truffele is an electronic band from Moscow, Russia, founded by Elena Kaufman in 2007. Their sound can be described as a mix of trip-hop beats, electronic glitches and indie pop melodies. Truffele actually doesn’t have a fixed line-up, because of Elena’s creative vision: almost every time she performs live she’s accompanied by different cast of musicians. Each gig is a remarkable audiovisual experience, with its special stage decoration, exclusively designed costumes, video projections and always-changing live band.

Truffele’s first promo-EP was released in fall 2007. It includes five songs, with one of them, «Papa», being sung in french. First single was released in February, 2008 «March Vesni».

  • Songwriter, Lyrics, Vocal samples: Lena Kaufman
  • Keys: Jaïs Frédéric Elalouf

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    Truffele live in Justo

    Photo Session

    TV Live

    Art from Truffele

    Angel on bike

    Spring Party Live



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