Untitled, 2011

In the early 2000s, under the aegis Prussian father (through which Ariane von Berendt was born) Lena Kaufman and Ada met.
Also it is not trivial to find the father figure, a tad pygmalionisante in their songs - but spend with Freudianism and Teutonic. The collaboration of these two superbités started well: leaving behind Star Academy Russian Lena Kaufman wrote moults song lyrics Ada, a teenager at the physical (and mental) ungrateful, translated into French.
Then the two nymphs grew and when Lena came to live in Paris, they then began together to make music, to "create". Around a small spliff ', a few apple slices and white wine glasses, it is in a good room in Montmartre - enquiquinées by neighbors - in Parisian parks - driven by the municipal guards - that both artists were working.
One day, under a bridge in front of Our Lady of Panama, while they repeated modestly, a gust of wind opened the suitcase accordion Ada, and someone threw a coin into it. Bargains began. A year later, Ada and Lena were playing the night OUF of 104, which is brewed thousands of spectators, and a year later again, in full Russian steppe. Passing by both private parties for gebours that by misfits hamlets.
They have to their credit several clips, spawned several CDs, were filmed by Russian TV by Laurent Jaoui, participated in festivals in Russia, etc. When, much to their chagrin, separated, Lena travels the world with his concerts, connects musical project on musical project, in England and France in particular, while Ada is formed an actress at the National High School Arts et Techniques du Théâtre de Lyon and pursue its own or with his sidekick Dourakine musical activity.

  1. Chto takoe
  2. Noch siyala
  3. Cosmonaute
  4. Ti predal menya
  5. Papa
  6. Le destin
  7. Au revoir
  8. Lullaby

  • Guitar vocal compose - Lena Kaufman
  • Accordion vocal - Ada
  • Moscow studio Sergey Bolshakov (1,7,8)
  • Alexandr Knyazev (3,4,5)
  • Paris studio Get Sound (2,6)